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Introducing The Amerithon Challenge

Your neighbors are going to think you’re crazy. Your friends might think you’re insane. Your own family might question your mental stability, but this is one virtual challenge that your heart knows you have to do.

This summer, we are introducing the Amerithon Challenge! This is the biggest, most prestigious virtual challenge on the planet and you are invited. It sounds difficult, but trust us when we tell you ANYONE CAN DO IT!


Your neighbors are going to think you’re crazy. Your friends might think you’re insane. Your own family might question your mental stability, but this is one virtual challenge that your heart knows you have to do.

This summer, we are introducing the Amerithon Challenge! This is the biggest, most prestigious virtual challenge on the planet and you are invited. It sounds difficult, but trust us when we tell you ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Imagine the look on your friends faces when they hear you have accepted the challenge to (virtually) run/walk/hike/bike/swim/etc from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Washington Monument in Washington DC. That is 3,521 miles. That is 134 marathons!

The best part is you can do this whole challenge yourself, or divide the miles with up to 8 friends/teammates. Imagine a fitness challenge so fun that you will be motivated to get in your miles every day. This is it!


Here’s how the challenge works:

Step 1.  Sign-Up for the challenge:  You can do the challenge solo or divide the miles with a team of up to 8 people (440 miles per person.) Each participant needs to sign up individually and then create their team within the mileage Tracker. Start thinking of a great team name now! Sign up here: https://www.signmeup.com/site/reg/register.aspx?fid=VH2VHH7

Step 2.  Wait for July 4th to begin: On July 4th you will receive an email with instructions for how to access the tracker and get started accumulating miles. You will be able to see the full course, access flyovers, collect landmark badges, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 1.43.59 PM
Track your progress with this 20 page passport and sticker pack.



Step 4.  Collect your swag. We will ship out your swag (for Deluxe and Get It All packages) during the first week of July. You will get the first 5 pieces of the medal in an awesome keepsake box. Hang the wall map up somewhere so you can see the course and mark your progress. Start filling in your Amerithon Passport with dates and badge stickers as you achieve them.

Wall Map
Hang this Wall map up to see the course and all the segments.

Step 5. Start Tracking your miles. Our customer mileage tracker is built just for this challenge and works as an app on your phone. You will get an email for each landmark you and your team pass. The email will have a video flyover of the next segment of the challenge and some motivational words.

Mileage Tracker
Mileage Tracker to track individual and team accomplishments!

Step 6.  Assemble your medal as you hit the key landmarks. The first 4 pieces of the medal are earned as you move across the country. Just before you reach the last landmark, you will fill out a form and we will ship you the finishing piece to the medal which doubles as a key chain!


Step 7.  Bask in your glory!  As an Amerithon finisher you will have a spot in our (optional) Amerithon Hall of Fame. Send us a picture so we can add you to the prestigious list. You WILL finish this challenge. Just keep going and getting fit!  Good luck!

Pre-Register Now (Limited spots available)


I may have missed it but how long do you have to complete the challenge solo or with a team? Trying to decide how I want to sign up for it.

Hi Angie! You can complete the challenge both solo and with a team. We don’t have a hard time limit on it so you can finish with your team early and then keep going solo until you make it individually. 🙂

How long do you have to run the distance?

Hi Norm – We encourage people to attempt it in one year but we have no set time limit. 🙂

You allow treadmill and elliptical, what about stationary bike or old Nordic track (indoor ski) to use old equipment I already have? Also since swimming is in the game what about rowing, surf-ski and paddle boarding? Odd such as a Trikke… yes,… I have one. Can we row across the country. It is all to be fit. Assuming you can mix activities? Actually plan to walk but add in activities.

HI Gretchen – You can get your miles in anyway you like under your own power. Just no cars or motorized vehicles. 🙂

Can you go solo and join a team or be a member on 2 teams.? And how would that work in the sign up?

Is a biking mile the same equivalent to a walking or running mile. Another words, is the distance you put in the distance regardless of the activity or is there a conversion number?

Gretchen – Our tracker will keep track of your solo and team miles at the same time. You can change and modify your team at any time during the challenge but one team at a time.

1. Signed up the the challenge, but how do I enter & modify the team – or is this something I can’t do until the 4th?
2. Is the tracker a gps app? One of our members will typically not be in satellite service area

Hi Mary – Starting on the 4th you will be able to set up your teams in the tracker. The tracker is not a gps tracker so your teammate will be able to manually enter her miles.

How do we track swim mileage, treadmill & elipticals? Is there an option to add miles manually like there is on Strava?

Hi Mary – Yes! You can enter your miles manually to track your treadmill and swim miles. 🙂

Do I have to have a Garmin or Fitbit tracker?

Emily, Run The Edge

Hi Klevy, no need to have a Garmin or Fitbit. You can track miles any way you like, and enter them manually into our tracker! 🙂

Once the team hits the goal, will all members of the team get the additional swag?

Emily, Run The Edge

Hi Chris, each member registers individually with their own package (thus signing up for their own swag). Whichever package you purchase, you will receive in full! 🙂

Is there an age minimum for this? Does everyone on the team receive their own medals? What if one person on the team can not complete their portion of miles, can other teammates complete the miles in place of?

Hi Cynthia – We have a lot of parents who do this with their children so we don’t set an age limit. Each person on a team registers individually so they can all choose if they want to get a medal, shirt, etc. The goal is to do the miles as a team so each person gets to contribute miles as they can. 🙂

Did I miss step 3?

Haha! Nope. But WE did! 🙂

This is amazing…I love the 2016 Run the Year Challenge…our team is 200 miles shy of the goal…but we are almost there….this just adds to the excitement. I don’t know how I missed this in 2015…but so glad that I am here now. #Team 2016Get Ready Get Fit…is on board and we have the chance to add new team members….which is exciting. There is power in a group…power in a team…and motivational for goals …..see you all on the other side!!!

Thank you so much Karen!!! We are happy to have you!

I didn’t get my package of the passport, etc. I registered early. What’s up?

Emily, Run The Edge

Hi Rosemary, please send us an email to: info@runtheedge.com so we can help you out! 🙂

How do I sign up if a friend referred me? I wanna be sure that they get the $5 credit.

Emily, Run The Edge

Hi Eddie, no problem! You can use the FGF link in your confirmation email, which has instructions included. If you still have questions about this, please send us an email to: support@runtheedge.com — Thanks!

Can I still accept the challenge, even though July 4th is already over?

Emily, Run The Edge

Hi Stefan—YES! We kicked off the challenge on July 4th, but you can register at any time! 🙂

Hi, i signed up but now i would like to buy the t-shirt. will there be an opportunity to do it later?

Emily, Run The Edge

Hi Ivette, yes! We are going to have an online store, where you can purchase extra Amerithon gear! That store will be opening soon, so stay tuned!

Signed up today, was wondering how the shipping on the package works? Will we get an email notification package shipped or a tracking number?

Hi Mike! If you signed up for a challenge pack or for any additional swag, it’ll be shipped ASAP. We’ll send out an email letting you know your swag has shipped and you should get a tracking number from us within 24 hours.

Is there an end date for the challenge?

Hi there! There is no end date, but we challenge participants to finish within a year!

How do I count time in water aerobics, jogging the majority of the time? I can’t wear my Fitbit in the pool and the track your exercise option doesn’t convert the time to miles.

Hi Kathy! You can use a step counter or pedometer to count miles logged in activities like water aerobics. The tracker allows you to input miles manually!

Where is this form / link that needs to be filled out to receive the finishing piece of the medal?

Hi Jesica, no problem! To receive your finisher shoe, you will need to email our customer service team at: info@runtheedge.com From there they will give you instructions on how to get your last medal piece! 🙂 Please keep in mind, only people who ordered the Amerithon medal will be eligible for the finisher shoe as it’s the last piece.

How long are you planning on running this event? I’m currently involved in a different virtual event, and don’t want to be collecting double miles. (I know you can, I just don’t think it’s right.)

Hi Fredrik, no problem! The event is open-ended, so whatever day your register is your challenge “start date” and you can keep going solo or with a team until you finish. So, for example, you could start now and keep going for the next two years and still have access to all the online content! 🙂 Hope this helps, let us know if you have more questions here: info@runtheedge.com

Having problems accessing the tracker.

Can we still enter the Amerithon?

Hi Kim! Registration for Amerithon Challenge is open 24/7 and has no deadline!

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