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Confirmation Information

Thank you for pre-registering for the Amerithon Challenge!

Important! Challenge Begins July 4th

Look for an email from us on July 4th with instructions for how to log in and get started!

You can also

Bookmark this page until July 4th and then follow these simple steps to get started

1. Follow this link to the tracker: Amerithon Challenge Mileage Tracker

2. Your login name is the email you used at registration

3. Use the default password “Amerithon2016”

4. Change your password anytime

Facebook Group

The facebook group is open now. Click here and ask to join! Amerithon Challenge Facebook Group

Important Note About Creating Teams

Teams are created in the Mileage Tracker You will be able to create, edit, and change teams at any time during the challenge.

Have More Questions? Check out the FAQ: Amerithon Challenge FAQ