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Amerithon Challenge

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What Is the Amerithon Challenge?
Amerithon – [uhmer-i-thon] – 3,521 Virtual Challenge
Proper Noun/Event
  1. A virtual challenge requiring you to run, walk, bike, swim, hike, elliptical, snow shoe, ski or crawl across America. 3,521 miles in total. Start at the Golden Gate Bridge and end at the Washington Monument. Travel across America without leaving your neighborhood. Complete your miles anywhere, at anytime, and with anyone.
  2.  The world’s biggest virtual challenge and the best way to experience fitness in the digital age.
  3. Join anytime and anywhere – registration is still open!
virtual challenge event of the year – your biggest fitness achievement – means for eternal bragging rights – a fun way to stay fit, motivated, and accomplished – collateral to fill your Facebook feed

Amerithon Challenge Swag

The Amerithon Challenge is a virtual fitness challenge (can be done by anyone, anywhere, and at anytime) but it has some awesome goodies that are shipped to you when you sign up and when you finish the challenge. Below is a full list of all the goodies you can receive when you join the challenge. See below for more info.

The Medal

The Amerithon Challenge medal is a 6 Piece Finisher Medal to commemorate your journey across the United States.

The Passport

The Amerithon Challenge Passport is a 20 page journal to keep track of your journey. Place milestone stickers as you reach certain destinations and mark the date you arrive. Use as a visual representation of the physical challenge!

The Wall Map

The Amerithon Challenge Wall Map is a decorative wall map to hang up and mark as you complete the challenge! Fill in the map line to as you complete your miles and travel across America with the rest of the Amerithoners.

The Shirt

The Amerithon Challenge Shirt is a super soft tri-blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon.

The Mileage Tracker

Basic Registration gets you access to your own individual and team mileage tracker to document and track your journey.

Flyover Videos & Milestone Badges

As you complete the Amerithon Challenge and enter your miles into the Mileage Tracker, you will earn Milestone Badges and Flyover Videos. These are placed throughout your journey to help encourage you and help you visualize how many miles you really are completing!

Each milestone is a goal – the tracker will count down your totals until your next milestone. Print out your milestone badges and share on social media to let the world know how far you’ve come!

Registration Options

Basic Package
Registration Only
Challenge Registration
Individual & Team Tracker
Access to Private Facebook Page
Milestone Badges & Email Motivations
Donation to Team RWB
Wall Map
Keepsake Box
6 Piece Medal
Amerithon Passport & Milestone Stickers
Amerithon Challenge Shirt
Deluxe Package
Registration + Challenge Pack
Challenge Registration
Individual & Team Tracker
Access to Private Facebook Page
Milestone Badges & Email Motivations
Donation to Team RWB
Wall Map
Keepsake Box
6 Piece Medal
Amerithon Passport & Milestone Stickers
Amerithon Challenge Shirt
Get It All
Registration + Challenge Pack + Shirt
Best Offer!
Challenge Registration
Individual & Team Tracker
Access to Private Facebook Page
Milestone Badges & Email Motivations
Donation to Team RWB
Wall Map
Keepsake Box
6 Piece Medal
Amerithon Passport & Milestone Stickers
Amerithon Challenge Shirt

How to Join the Amerithon Challenge

Joining the Amerithon Challenge is easy. Follow the steps below to ensure your spot in the challenge. Registration is open – start your journey today!

Register Individually
  • All participants must register individually with unique email addresses
  • Confirmation information will be sent to you via email with account information
  • Registration is open here

Gather Your Team
  • Contact friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors and ask them to join your Amerithon Challenge team
  • Send them anything and everything they need
  • Remind everyone that runners, walkers, bikers, swimmers, hikers, ANYBODY is welcome!

Log Into Your Account
  • Account credentials will be emailed to you in your registration confirmation page immediately after you complete registration

Start Your Journey
  • Team captains are in charge of creating their teams in the mileage tracker
  • Send invitations to registered teammates to join created teams
  • Search for teams and request to join teams
  • Log miles, reach milestones, travel across America with us

How to Complete the Amerithon Challenge

Fly solo and complete the miles alone. Join a team and divide the 3,521 miles any way you like. Team members do not have to do the same number of miles but the illustration below shows the average miles each team member would need to do to complete the challenge.

Flyin’ Solo
3,521 miles per person
Dynamic Duo
1,760 miles per person
Three Amigos
1,174 miles per person
Fearsome Foursome
880 miles per person
Fabulous Five
704 miles per person
Super Six
587 miles per person
Sexy Seven
503 miles per person
Elite Eight
440 miles per person

Amerithon Ambassadors

We love our veteran virtual challenge participants, and we think you might also. Follow our friends below as they tackle the Amerithon Challenge. To learn more about all of our Amerithon Challenge ambassadors, check out the Ambassador Program Page.

Tony Garcia

I am a…dad, teacher, runner, wannabe writer, good man with a good heart, who is simply hoping to change his little corner of the world.

I have participated in the past 2 Run The Year challenges and they are easily the best!! Everything from the organization, support, giveaways, and amazing community are top notch! Looking forward to the next incredible challenge! ” – Tony

Mary Kitlowski

Mary founded Running On Air to advocate and raise awareness of those with lung and rare diseases and to challenge others to see beyond their limitations.  Despite having Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and 40% lung capacity, she participates in races across the US wearing supplemental oxygen.

Not only is the Run The Year community supportive and encouraging, the organizers go that extra mile to keep it fun and engaging.” – Mary

Partner Ambassador
Team Red, White & Blue

Run The Edge is excited to announce that we have partnered with Team Red, White & Blue for the Amerithon Challenge. Through the end of July 10% of registration proceeds will be donated to Team Red, White & Blue. To learn more about Team Red, White & Blue, check out their website: https://www.teamrwb.org/

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Amerithon Challenge begin?

Amerithon begins whenever you decide to take on the challenge! Registration is open now here. Start today and become an Amerithoner!

Is there a time frame for this challenge?

Run The Edge encourages Amerithoners to finish the challenge in a year but there is no set deadline.

Is there a limit to the number of team members allowed on one team?

Yes, the tracker limits teams to 8 members.

What am I allowed to count toward my mileage?

Miles tracked by fitness trackers (sync your FitBit or Garmin), miles tracked running, walking, biking, swimming, etc. Track whatever miles you feel comfortable tracking

How does this challenge effect Run The Year 2016?

Miles tracked can be used for both challenges.

Can I participate internationally?

Of course. Simply choose to participate internationally at registration to ensure your swag ships to the correct location. Geographic location does not influence your ability to participate in the virtual challenge.

How do I get $5 back?

Use our friend-get-friend system to get $5 back for every participant you refer.

When do I get access to my tracker account?

You get access to the mileage tracker as soon as you register!

Why didn't I receive my confirmation email?

There’s a few reasons this could have happened. Email info@runtheedge.com with your email address, first name and last name.

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